Hi, I'm Jordan.

An Aspiring Interaction designer.

My Approach

1. Research

Like every Design process, the first stage is rooted in research. This can consist of exploring various platforms as well as, content, style, pallet etc. Carrying out this research is key to each individual project as well as staying up to date with the industry. By carrying out research it leaves me with a proper understanding of the task I'm facing which allows me to meet it head-on without holding back.

2. Sketches

Once I've completed my research I then move on to sketching. This stage consists of quickly communicating my ideas on paper, this involves using a simple but effective linear drawing style that when combined with minimal colours presents a clear and easy plan to work off.

3. Digitise

The next stage of the process is digitally creating my paper designs using software such as Figma. By using this software I will produce high res mockups that will give me an idea of the final outcome of the project. During this stage, I will also design and create branding for the product if necessary.

4. Prototype

Following on from digitising my sketches I will then move to prototyping. This involves creating a user flow and implementing it into a working interface that users find easy and simple to use. Once this is complete the project is ready for testing.

5. Test

Arguably the most important stage of my process is the testing. By testing the product it will bring to light some small flaws that I may have looked over or missed. once identified these issues will be refined and fixed.

6. Reflect

The final stage of my process is to reflect on the outcome of the project and whether or not I'm happy with it. If I'm satisfied with the outcome I will continue on track, but if not then I will return to testing and find the issue.

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