Sketches & Planning

The problem that I would like to come up with a solution for is improving the health system by creating an app that not only will help users that are on medication but also the doctors that treat them. To say the least, I fell that the system in place for individuals collecting their prescription has room for improvement. This app will not only improve the system but people’s well-being.

I was the sole UX designer on the Apothecary project. I was responsible for determining the overall design and direction of the project as well as its brand, this is all being carried out under the guidance and feedback of my lecturer.

I have come to this conclusion due to the struggles of some individuals when trying to access their prescription, some aren’t fit and able to collect it from the chemist. This is why I felt that in today’s ever-changing world an app would be the best-suited choice to keep up with the needs of the modern generations. I also know that the app will be very accessible and easily taught to the older generations.

Icon & Colour Pallet

The app will make going to collect one’s prescription null and void. The app will keep track of the user’s medicine by them logging it each time they take it. By doing this the app will be able to order more of the medicine that they need. This will let the chemist get the new prescription ready for dispatch, once ready they will then be delivered to the user’s house. This will especially be beneficial for those users who can’t physically collect their own prescription.


When creating the app one aspect that we found challenging was how to simplify the design to make it as easy to be taught to the elderly. I feel that the end result is not only of high quality, but is very user friendly. We have made it very clear what the users need to do by using actions buttons, along with this we have made the buttons of large size to accommodate the elderly and their potentially limited hand movements.

My main wish for this app is that it would better people’s lives, especially the elderly. This project would greatly impact the industry and how things are carried out. Doctors, chemists and users will all be greatly impacted by this application if implemented correctly. It would be cost-effective as well as improve the carbon footprint by decreasing the number of drivers on the road. This project opened my eyes to how behind we medical industry are with their methods of distribution.  On the other hand, this has forced designers such as myself to think about solutions, this at the very least gives me the chance to develop my digital skills as well as my problem solving.