Sketches & Planning

Auxilium is an emergency app catered for individuals that have been in an accident or are injured. When in an emergency it is easy to panic and not know what to do or what to say and I wanted to see if I could come up with an app that could solve this issue. This app focuses on the user being able to contact a close friend or family member or if needed an ambulance, along with this it also gives the option of looking for the closest hospital when the situation isn’t as urgent.

Above are some early sketches of how I imagined Auxilium to be laid out and function as an application for a smartphone. In these sketches, I plan out the navigation, each page and its info.The above wireframes are based on the login page, create account page and forgot password page, these pages are styled in a very generic style with the addition of giving the option to log in with other options such as Google, Facebook and Twitter. The next three wireframes are based on the homepage, contact page and nearby hospital page. The homepage consists of the navbar at the bottom and three buttons. the main button is front and centre in the middle of the screen so that the hierarchy shows that it is the main feature to engage with. Below is two other buttons that are styled the same but are for two different actions. One button takes the user to an emergency contact page and the other takes the user to the nearby hospital page. The emergency contact page consists of the users personal contacts that they have chosen as well as the users current location, this is for when they user doesn’t need medical attention but doesn’t need assistance. The location feature is for convenience if the user isn’t sure where they are or what its called. The third page shows the user where the nearest hospital is located and how long it will take to get there. The last three pages consist of a location page, a medical record page and the profile page. The location page again displays the users current location but gives them the option to share the location to who they choose. The medical record page displays all the vital information about the user so that the medical team/personal contact know what they dealing with. The third and final page consists of the users account details such as their user name, email address and mobile number.  

Above are the main watch faces that I want to be accessible for users that have the Auxillium app. These  faces consist of the fallowing:Home pageContact pageSign out pageEmergency contacts pagecall pageEnd call pageShare pageNearby pageDirections page

To start I first made a mindmap that incorporated a wide range of areas within the healthcare sector. I then looked into each area and if I could improve it through innovation and design. One area that I wanted to explore was the are of an individual’s medical records such as birth certificates, operation records, current medicine being taken etc. As well as this I also wanted to incorporate a chart that allows a user to keep track of their mood and or pain.  Another area that i would like to research and explore is the emergency services. What methods they use while working and under pressure and if these can be improved through technology and design.

User Persona's

Icon & Colour Pallet



Once I had completed the wireframes I then moved to designing them on Figma.  Below you will be able to see the flow of the app mapped out, due to the app having a limited screen size the navigation has to be simple and easy to use. Over all i feel that I have executed this to a high standard and created an aesthetically pleasing and easy to use apple watch version of the app. Below are some high resolution  mock-ups that show how the app would look like while being used and beside the other apps.