Heroes & Villians

Sketches & Planning

Above are some simplistic wireframes that allowed me to make a basic plan of how the immersive website would be structured and laid out. This let me see a visual hierarchy of the website and how the user would move through it.  Once these were completed I had the blueprint for the website and could start to build it.

The first images above were the basis for what would become my own digital illustrations. These images were used in the example website and caught my eye from the start. I knew I wanted to use these images as inspiration for my illustrations so I kept them in view while designing my own. When designing my illustrations I wanted them to reflect the body language of the original images but styled in a modern sleek feel with matt colours.

After designing my illustrations around the original images I then branched out and started to create my own header images for each page. Once I had designed the illustrations I felt that they needed to be framed and after some research, I came across the use of blobs. I instantly knew it would complement my illustrations and tried it out. I felt that the combination was a success and framed the illustrations the way I had envisioned. Scroll to see the high resolution mock-ups.

Icon & Colour Pallet

Icon & Colour Pallet

For the website, I wanted to design a simplistic modern logo that matched the theme and style of the site. Before starting I already knew that I wanted to make the logo linked in some way to Sherlock’s home. The reason behind this was that I wanted the logo to also act as the home page button. By combining the logo and home page button and designing the logo around Sherlock’s house I feel that this will be a nice overall touch to the website. The home button will be identified by something that clearly has a link to 221 baker street.While looking for inspiration I found it hard to find an item or symbol that better embodies/represents Sherlock’s house than its address. This lead me to look into the address and the various ways it was visualised. The two main styles that I was drawn to was the metal numbers on the Sherlocks house door or the modern baker street style. Once I had established that the logo was going to be centred around the address then it was just a case of matching it in with the websites colour theme and typeface. Below are the two variations that I choose, one inverted and one not. Overall I am very happy with the look and feel of the logo and feel that its simplicity complements the websites nav and footer.


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