Sketches & Planning

For this project, the problem I faced was to create a wallpaper for a phone but only using black and white circles. This was very challenging and pushed me to find a way to make it slightly more than just some circles on a page. I was the lead graphic designer on a task I was given to create a wallpaper by my lecture, but I was only allowed to use circles. this was due to the class learning about point, line and plane.

The solution I came up with was to make the circles represent something other than a circle. At the time, I was gaining an interest in code and binary and this led me to delve slightly Deeper into my research within this area. Through this I learned what sequence of binary spelt various letters, this is what gave me the idea to use the circles to represent the binary. To do this I used black and white circles, white circles represent “0” and black represent “1”. Once I had established this it allowed me to start to make customised wallpapers that spelt an individual’s name. I felt that this would be quite desirable for individuals who like to personalise their phone.


Through representation this allowed me to make an interesting personalised background that people might be interested in. This solved the problem that I faced, as it allowed me to experiment and make the background more than just circles on a page. One of the challenges I faced was what size to make the circles and how to frame them. When the circles where large they clashed with the apps and made the screen look messy. Although, once they were sized down and framed correctly it made them look and feel much more aesthetically pleasing. It made the design clean and sleek, which is much more appealing.

Due to the personalisation aspect of my wallpaper, I feel that this would make the product easier to sell if it was released on the market. Customers would be more attracted to a personalised product over a standard product. In turn, this would make it more popular and boost sales. This project taught me that no matter how simple the brief is, it can always be made interesting and as complex as you desire. There are no limits to what you can come up with when you choose to invest in your own thought process.