Sketches & Wireframes

As part of my 302 modules, we were given the task of creating a digital product that we could sell. after some creative thinking and mind mapping, I came to the decision that I wanted to create a wireframe kit. I choose the name Primis because it is Latin for "first", this felt like the perfect name because wire framing is one of the fest steps of digital design.

I continued to develop my idea further and started to sketch out some wireframes of what type of aspects I would like to include. Some examples are as follows, icons, images, videos, text body, headers and more. By sketching these out it helped me visualise the way I wanted them to look and function. This helped me later down the line when creating them digitally.

Icon & Colour pallet

For the icon, I chose to keep it simple and use a word-mark with a full stop. The full stop was intentional because it represents a pixel due to it being a square full stop. For my colour pallet, I wanted to try and mimic the style of a blueprint so I used colours commonly used within blueprint designs, these can be seen above.


Once the planning had been completed I then started to develop the product digitally. I developed the product on Figma which proved to be a very beneficial piece of software. It proved extremely easy to use and allowed me to create a quality product, Above are some components that are found within the wireframe kits.